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Dec 4, 2013 - Cleveland’s Unique Cultural Gardens

The first cultural garden that we heard about was the Italian Garden which generated quite a big news with some of our bus charters Cleveland customers and visitors because most, as they readily admitted, have never stepped foot into Italy or parts of Europe. They genuinely wanted to see what an Italian garden is like so, we spun out a quick trip to Cleveland’s Cultural Garden.

What is the cultural garden all about?

Located at 990 East Boulevard in Rockefeller Park, Cleveland, the Italian Garden, as we have discovered, is a part of a huge park. The landscape is definitely something you want to come explore for yourself. The community is dedicated to preserving this living entity which continues to grow over time.

Working in collaboration with students, undergraduates, well-meaning donors and contributors, graduate students and dedicated teachers, Cleveland’s Cultural Gardens have received millions of visitors who come in huge groups in their rented bus charters over the years.

There is a total of 36 gardens in the park which includes Chinese Garden, Serbian, African-American, Future, Finnish, Indian, Croatian Gardens, just to name a few. Together, the garden is the world’s first Peace Garden that embodies America’s rich twentieth century history.

The Italian Garden

The Italian Garden first opened its doors in October 12, 1930, all thanks to groups of Italians and local communities who worked tirelessly to bring about its fruition. Together with a crowd of more than 3,000 Italians on Columbus Day which also marked the 2,000th Anniversary of Virgil’s birth, Italian Gardens received its first visitors.

The Italian Garden Delegation added, over time, new features, flora and fauna, new landscaping and in September 14, 1941, approximately $100,000 was pumped in to design and construct various new features and structures around the garden with the city authorities donating $18,000 and Federal Government channeling approximately $94,000 in funds towards its development.

Stepping into an old Italy

What our charter bus Cleveland visitors and customers can tell you about visiting this gorgeous two-tier garden is that it reminds them or give them a glimpse into what the Italian Renaissance is or was like.

On the upper level of the garden, you will find a spectacular marble fountain, a parapet, a bust of poet Virgil and also an original stone column. On top of that, the garden also features a special sculpture which was generously donated by the Italian Government.

Other features includes:-

  • stone hewn from Monte Grappa
  • lovely curved staircase connecting the top and bottom levels
  • brick-floored charming court
  • table that reminds you of Balbo’s 1933 trek from Rome to Cleveland
  • medallions made from stone reminding visitors of the contributions of Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Michelangelo, Petrach, Guglielmo Marconi, Verdi and others.
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